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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mitch Easter CD now on sale! / Chris Brown

As I've mentioned, I couldn't be happier to be distributing Mitch Easter's first album in 18 years. I ran out and bought the Afoot EP after seeing Let's Active's "Every Word Means No" video on MTV back in the day, and eagerly purchased each new LA release. Who could have foreseen that Every Dog Has His Day would usher in such a long period of silence from Mitch? Of course, he's been very busy producing other people's records, and has had a few stray tracks on tribute albums, but anyone who listens to his new CD Dynamico will realize that this man needs to be writing and performing his own tunes!

After a buncha delays (after six years of running this business, believe me, I'm used to delays), Dynamico has finally left the factory and copies will be in stock here at 125 HQ any day now. Order yours today and you should have your disc by the end of next week! You've waited 18 years... what's another few days?

125 is also really excited to bring you a new CD by an exceptionally talented young artist named Chris Brown. Unfortunately, he shares that name with a big R&B star, leading to some confusion with search engines and stuff. This Chris Brown has produced a dazzling and gorgeous CD called Now That You're Fed that has won raves from folks like International Pop Overthrow's David Bash ("A brilliant disc from start to finish, combining the delicate, poignant sensibilities of Elliott Smith with the lyrical cadence of Brendan Benson. Excellent stuff!") and San Francisco's own KFOG ("...the dude can write one heck of a Pop song... The vocals, which are layered and rich, remind me of the Beach Boys with a dash of XTC -- seriously solid singing"). This is the kind of CD you just want to play for people and go, "Listen to this -- you'll love it!" There's a track up on the Sounds page so you can experience a little of Chris's magic.


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