125 Records

Friday, February 24, 2006

Coming To A Store Near You

Good news: 125 is finally getting some reliable retail distribution, so you will be able to find our releases in your local CD store as well as online and at sites like iTunes. Some of our albums, such as the Statuesque and Jill Tracy CDs, are already available at iTunes. Most people still seem to want to own the object itself, but the digital download sites are becoming an increasingly important revenue stream.

The bad news is that this might further delay the release dates by a few weeks, but I'm going to try to have CDs available via the 125 Records store prior to their appearance in other outlets.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Don Dixon CD cover

Just got the cover art for Dixon's CD, so it's official. His will be 125-012, and the Loud Family disc will be lucky number 013.

Don Dixon CD art

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The race is on!

Just got the master of Don Dixon's CD in the mail, so now it's on, baby! Which disc will be released first: DD or the Loud Family? Well, it all depends on which CD's artwork gets done earlier. Personally, my money is on Dixon, since I believe Scott is still working on the LF CD's liner notes.

The master of The Entire Combustible World in One Small Room (boy, am I going to get tired of typing that title... even the abbreviation, TECWiOSR, is a little unwieldy) sounds fabulous. It was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York and they obviously did a heck of a job. Get this: the engineer, Greg Calbi, actually engineered TWO of my all-time favorite albums, David Bowie's Young Americans and Talking Heads' Remain in Light. Swoon!!!