125 Records

Monday, September 11, 2006

New Anton Barbeau CDs available, and other news

In case you're not on our mailing list, here's the latest scoop:

We finally have copies of both new Anton Barbeau CDs, In the Village of the Apple Sun and Drug Free. Apple Sun is Anton's long-awaited "psychedelic odyssey," and will be released on Tuesday the 19th on San Francisco's Four-Way Records. Because we're respecting our fellow small indie label's release date, we can't ship the CDs out right away, but if you order now, your package will be lovingly prepared and ready to be dropped into the mailbox a week from today (Monday the 18th), allowing you to be one of the first to enjoy the disc. Drug Free comes to you straight from the U.K.'s Pink Hedgehog label, and includes the anthemic title track that's become a favorite at Anton's live shows, as well as lots of other melodic delights. Order 'em both and save! Just go to the shop page and scroll down to the Anton Barbeau section about 2/3 of the way down the page.

Everyone who loves Loud Family drummer Gil Ray (and who doesn't?) is going to thrill to his new solo album, I Am Atomic Man. It will be released sometime in late November or early December, just in time for holiday giving, in a signed & numbered limited edition.

We're down to six copies of Paula Carino's Aquacade. It won't be re-pressed, and this time, we mean it, so if you've been intending to pick it up, or want a spare, now is the time! We're also running low on Econoghost's Anneu'ed!

We would never have guessed that a song from one of our releases would make it onto an instructional bellydance video, but Jill Tracy's "Evil Night Together" appears on the newly released DVD "Bellydance for the Beautiful Freaks." If you've always wanted to try bellydancing but thought the music just wasn't spooky enough, take a look at http://tinyurl.com/gtc77

The 125 Shop will be hanging up a virtual "gone fishin'" sign from Sept. 22-Oct. 25, so please place your orders soon!