125 Records

Friday, May 12, 2006

This is the kind of e-mail I love to receive

Just got this message:

"don's cd arrived today, thank you!! wow.. i've listened to this since the mail came at noon and it is GOOD! EXCELLENT! OTHER FAVORABLE EXCLAMATORY ADJECTIVES! don's music is always
top notch but i think he really went all out on this one. will have to give him a big hug next time i see him at the garage in w-s and tell him all the good words and what a great label he has
representing him."

Since there haven't been any reviews of the album yet (the promo blitz hasn't begun yet, but I've mailed a few review copies out and there will be many more sent in the next week), I have had zero feedback on the Don Dixon CD so far. Therefore, this e-mail really warmed my heart and made my day! Thanks, L.!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Loud Family under construction

I have sort of a good excuse not to have touched the Loud Family web site in so long because (a) I maintain over 60 other web sites, and (b) the band was on hiatus for quite some time. But I'm trying to rectify that by updating their web presence. I decided to take a piecemeal approach because the site is rather large, so if you visit loudfamily.com during the next few days, you may find that certain pages are the "old" (2000) style, and others have the "new" (2006) look.

There was one particular thing on the old "news" page (and I'm using the term news loosely here) that truly horrified me, and showed just how long it had been since I even looked at the thing. The loud-news mailing list, which sends out periodic announcements about the band, is hosted at a site called Smoe.org. Smoe is the creation of a few people whom I know through the Ecto newsgroup. Only the folks who run Smoe.org means what "smoe" means. Anyway, on the LF news page, I state: "And, no, I don't know what Smoe means. It's apparently a state secret that makes Deep Throat's identity look like front-page news."

Of course, Deep Throat's identity was front-page news—almost a year ago! Cringe.

My stealth pre-order campaign has gone pretty well so far; I've gotten several orders from loyal blog readers. Thank you! I'm particularly gratified that a handful of folks have purchased the Statuesque CD. Hope you enjoy it, and all the others.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Let the pre-ordering begin

I've made the Don Dixon CD available for ordering, so if you're interested, visit the Shop page and buy yourself a copy. It should be shipping early next week, so it's almost instant gratification! I've also put together a package deal with the Dixon & Loud Family CDs, at the ridiculously low price of $10 each. Because the two CDs are being sold as a single unit, you'll only pay $2 in postage. This offer will only be good for a short time and is only being promoted to the loyal people who read this blog (and shortly, the folks on our mailing list), so grab it before it disappears!

Because all of these new discs are going to take up a lot of room in the official 125 Records Storage Unit, I've also made some of our older CDs available at bargain prices. I'm especially hoping that people will buy the Statuesque CD, because it's our worst-selling album ever and it deserved to sell far, far many more copies than it did. It's a fantastic album. I think its poor sales had more to do with the fact that it was made by a shy fellow in England who played all of three or four shows to support it, and I didn't do an adequate job of promoting it. It deserves a second chance and I'm practically giving it away at $5 per copy for a limited time.