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Thursday, January 17, 2008

125 Records News - January 2008

As sent out to the subscribers to our e-mail list.

It's been four months since we last sent out an email -- at least you can't accuse us of cluttering up your inboxes! As usual, we've waited until we have a few accumulated pieces of news...

1. 125 Records is excited to present our first digital-only releases -- TWO new albums by the UK's ever-delightful Statuesque! Stephen Manning's latest creations, THE GRAPE & THE GRAIN and CALLING NATURE'S BLUFF, are already available on eMusic; you can find them here. They should be for sale on iTunes and many other digital services soon; find a list here: http://iodalliance.com/partners.php

Why the digital-only release? Well, Statuesque's last album, CHOIR ABOVE FIRE BELOW, was one of those CDs that some people really, really loved -- Pop Culture Press raved, "Lovers of Britpop, from the Kinks to Charlatans to Television Personalities to eccentrics like Roy Harper and Robyn Hitchcock, will love this stuff." But not enough people bought it to make it profitable. With two brand-new collections of songs, I thought we'd try this experiment, and since Stephen financed the recording by himself and there were no costs to the label for manufacturing or art, nearly all the money you spend on this download (and yes, we do get a nice chunk of change from eMusic even though it's a subscription service) will go directly to the artist himself.

2. We have Shalini T-shirts featuring the logo from her latest album, THE SURFACE AND THE SHINE! These dark blue, cotton T's are uniquely packaged using compression so that they are in the shape of a star! Read all about it here: http://www.compresst.com/ We also have copies of the CD, which The Big Takeover called "enticing, tuneful power-pop with abundant melodies and hooks galore." And we have ONE copy left of Shalini's Econoghost disc.

3. After being sold out for quite a while as Anton Barbeau journeyed through the U.K., we have a fresh supply of Antdiscs that we haven't had for some time, including 17TH CENTURY FUZZBOX BLUES, DRUG FREE and (my personal fave) A SPLENDID TRAY.

4. This spring, Jill Tracy's new album THE BITTERSWEET CONSTRAIN will finally be released. Jill is something of a perfectionist and the CD was quite literally years in the making, but it's all done at last! Jill is our best-selling artist and the disc will be released in the popular CD format as well as on digital download for the iPod generation. Stay tuned for a presale announcement. Her music is also turning up in more & more places, including an upcoming Lifetime TV movie!

That's it for now! Come visit us at http://www.125records.com !