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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Everybody loves Mitch!

Mitch Easter's publicist sent over a bunch of reviews, and I've excerpted some of them here. A sampling:

"Dynamico is solid proof that Easter is still relevant and needed in today’s indie-rock scene."

"Complex and many-layered, it's never less than enthralling and pretty close to unique."
-USA Today "Listen Up"

"Easter has a command of the diverse languages of pop music that few can claim."
-Los Angeles Times

"The Phil Spector of Southern pop."
-Hartford Advocate
(Uh... sure, the man's a genius, but considering Spector's current troubles, I'm not sure I'd like to be compared to him!)

"Dynamico is...FANTASTIC. This CD is Mitch Easter's most consistent and thoroughly engaging album EVER."
-LMNOP / Baby Sue Music

"Dynamico is Easter's guitar-hero album -- playing dead-on guitar that's just right for every song."
-Raleigh News and Observer

Coming soon: Mitch Easter t-shirts!