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Monday, July 28, 2008

Music: What Happened? #9 & #10

OK, so I forgot to post last week... so if you missed it, catch up on M:WH 1977 and then read today's installment, 1982.

If you have any comments about the entries, feel free to post them here!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scott's new song is available!

Well, some generous soul at Emma Email Marketing donated enough to put us over the top, so thanks, Emma! You know what that means? The song is available and you can download it right this instant.
"Cara Lee" by Scott Miller - MP3

The teacher sent us a kind letter of thanks:
It is not that often that I would say that I can not wait for September to roll around, especially since our summer vacation has just started; but there is always a first time.

I can’t wait to explain to my students, this August, about how generous strangers have been by donating to pay for this proposal. Since I started teaching over eight years ago I have seen students' frustration when they returned to work on a project only to discover that either the computer was not working, waiting to be repaired, or their work had been accidentally deleted. It is really important that children are comfortable while they use computers as this exposes them to all the advantages that technology has to offer. Allowing the students the ability to save their own work on the various school computers will be a powerful tool for these children. The flash drives are one simple tool that will be used for years to come, to benefit my students as they work on various projects. There is a special “Thank you” that I must acknowledge to Scott Miller & The Loud Family Band, who will make his new song available free as a download, since this proposal is now funded. Well, I can’t wait to hear this song, and tell my students about how generous everyone has been to make my classroom a better educational environment for all students.

Thank you for thinking about my classroom & funding this proposal. THANK YOU.
You're welcome, and thanks for being a teacher -- it's a tough job, made even tougher by today's meager budgets.

Meanwhile, you can still visit
DonorsChoose.org and learn how to help a school in your own community.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Music: What Happened? #8

Another Monday, another installment of "Music: What Happened?" Today, Scott examines 1962.

And we're now up to 79% on our DonorsChoose.org project. Can we shoot for, say, 85% next Monday? That would only require about 22 more dollars, so if two of you reading this give $11... we'll get there eventually... it's just taking longer than I thought it would!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Music: What Happened? #7

Today's year is 2001. And don't miss Steve Holtebeck's muxtape of songs from last week's 1967 entry!

We're up to 70% on our DonorsChoose.org project. Only $121 needed now... throw in a few bucks today!