125 Records

Monday, February 25, 2008

Statuesque artwork

If you've downloaded the Statuesque discs, you can now download & print the cover art!

125 Recommends: Once in a while, we get an email from someone whose music we like a lot and we wish we had the commercial clout to make them a star. Sadly, we are not exactly overflowing with commercial clout. But I suggest you check out Glasgow's Mr. D, whose album is available at CDBaby and eMusic, especially if you're into Teenage Fanclub.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Loud Family/Game Theory MP3 blowout

Way back when, the Loud Family web site used to feature an "MP3 of the Month." The MP3s included live tracks, rarities, cover versions, etc. A couple days ago, I receive an email from someone who had lost them in a hard-drive crash (back it up, people!), so I compressed all of the MP3s into 2 .zip files and uploaded them to rapidshare.com. (These are the same files that had previously been uploaded to yousendit -- these links are supposed to stay good for a while longer). I figured I'd post 'em here in case anyone else wants to grab 'em: